For over 25 years, Private Detective Brian Baker has worked in the justice system and dealt with some of society’s ugliest crimes. He’s also met the criminals, their families, and their victims.

Working primarily as a consultant for the defense, Detective Baker knows that his job is misunderstood, challenging, and often soul sucking.

Then in 2009 Detective Baker turned to walk with God, and he has some stories to tell about how his job changed. His first book, Mitigating Circumstances, shows some of the cases and the criminals who were touched by God, and the incredible healing and transformation Detective Baker witnessed in the least likely offenders.

And the biggest story is about forgiveness, and how none of this could have happened without someone first turning to believe and to love God.

Detective Baker’s testimony is about changed hearts.

Although Detective Baker has many complex roles in his career—investigator, criminologist, professor—his most important role is a Christian man who simply loves God. And he knows from personal experience that loving God yields the fruit to nourish the least of our brothers and sisters who suffer.

Mitigating Circumstances is a dramatic collection of real-life detective stories of how God used a private detective to minister to hardened, hopeless criminal offenders. You will find grace, encouragement, and a starting point toward understanding offenders. Come alongside Detective Baker and experience his cases. These are stories about second chances and the good that can come when lives turn to walk with God.

Detective Baker has over twenty-five years of experience with professional investigation, security, and consulting. He has a master’s degree in criminology from Vermont College, and he is an adjunct at Penn State University, where he teaches criminology and introduction to criminal justice. He is the author of several textbook chapters in the professional security and investigation industry, and he is a speaker at professional conferences. His creative writing and fiction interests include the mystery and detective fiction genres. He lives with his wife and family in Central Pennsylvania and works professionally throughout Pennsylvania and North Carolina.  Detective Baker is available to speak nationally about the miracles in his cases, and in his own life walking with God.