My name is Brian Baker and I’m a career private detective, educator, and Christian writer. My new book is called Mitigating Circumstances: A Detective’s Stories of Forgiveness and the Fruit of God’s Love.

Mitigating Circumstances is a compilation of my real-life detective stories highlighting the grace of God in the lives of criminal offenders. In my own words I describe how the professional life of an experienced private detective changed dramatically when Jesus became the Lord of my life. This gritty, often discouraging occupation morphed into a ministry, and these stories are the fruit of this ministry. My stories are meant to encourage readers that God can heal even the most hardened, hopeless offender.

If you are a fan of detective stories or a fan of how God works in others then I hope you will enjoy my book. For those needing help and encouragement, these stories offer a place to begin your walk with God.

The eBook should be available by late winter 2017 and the print version is available for now both online and in the faith section at your favorite book store.

I am actively scheduling opportunities to speak to college criminal justice classes, Christian groups, mystery writers, and organizations interested in a real and faith based perspective into the world of a private detective. For more information, send me an email or message through Facebook and I’ll respond as soon as possible.